Having just resigned, I am currently going through the exit process with It’s About People. Let me first explain that I am moving to the United Kingdom to start an adventure on the other side of the pond.  I will miss my team at It’s About People tremendously but I am making this move due to family and personal reasons.

However, it got me thinking of the times that I have been through an exit process or resignation period in the past.

I have resigned four times in my recruitment career and all of them have been very different. Allow me to elaborate further:

The first  time I resigned in my recruitment career, I knew the company policy would be to ask me to leave immediately. For the 2 weeks leading up to my resignation, I started preparing for my exit, got all my ducks in a row and ensured that everything was done and ready for hand over for all my clients and candidates. I resigned during my highest billing month with the company and I am extremely proud of everyone that I achieved during my tenure with them. I handed over and was done within two hours of me speaking to my manager.

The second time I resigned, it was an honest and open conversation with my Manager at the time as we realized quickly after me starting that we had very different ideas on recruitment and we had already struggled for two months to find common ground. I requested that I be released after my probation and that my contract would not be renewed. It was a quick and smooth exit on both sides.

The third time was the hardest for me because in the December I was told that I may not have a salary in the January. I reached out to someone in my network and asked if they could help me. I was told I would have an opportunity with them any time which is how I ended up at It’s About People. However, the very real possibility that I would not have a salary in January and the loyalty I felt left me with a very difficult internal moral dilemma. I knew for my family I had to leave, however I didn’t feel like I had given enough of myself to say that I had done everything I could. I eventually told my Manager I was in process with It’s About People and was going to ask them to extend the offer, which I would be accepting. My Manager took it on board and tried her hardest to understand where I was coming from. She was gracious and asked if I could finish out the week and then I could have a week off before I started in my new role. I did as requested, handed over and spent the week ahead doing all the admin things you never have time for. However, it did not go as I planned as the CEO docked my pay for leaving early and this started me on a very rocky footing at It’s About People.

I quickly picked myself up and I have enjoyed my time immensely at It’s About People. After just under a year and a half at It’s About People, I have sadly informed my Manager that I will be making the move to the UK in June and will unfortunately be saying goodbye to everyone in my team.

As I work through my notice period, I can say there are always ways you can help, jump into a project, assist a colleague or start your hand over. I have been thinking a lot about the four very different ways I have exited in recruitment and the one thing I can say is do what your Manager requires, whether it be to go immediately, work some of your notice, or stick it out and help your team. At the end of the day, you joined them for a reason, as much as that may have changed, they did walk the path with you to where you are now, always remember that.



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