Talent sourcing is an exciting game especially when you are looking for that hidden gem in a sea of mediocracy. Clients often find themselves sitting with an open vacancy for months; sometimes for even more than a year because of the non-negotiable requirements of the position. Alternatively they could have very strict budget constraints so us as Recruiters have our work cut out for us!

We go on a search for this ‘hidden gem’ using various methods of sourcing. Many Recruiters will pride themselves in a tried and tested method of sourcing. However this method sometimes fails because little Mrs/Mr Hidden Gem – is no where to be found! This is the time to get creative, to leave our traditional ways of sourcing and begin exploring recruiting in the digital age.

Portals: Career Portals are a thing of the past when searching for the crème of the crop! These profiles do not spend time uploading their CVs onto online job portals. Portals are great for the sourcing of more junior candidates but they are also saturated with Recruiters as they often opt for this route.

Social Media: You may find yourself turning to Social Media. The likes of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter etc are a great way of finding your Gems however, there is a 50/50 change you may not be successful.

Personal Referrals: This method of sourcing only works for the well networked Recruiter. It can also depend on the referral programme which is normally a monetary incentive designed to encourage people to ‘give up’ their hidden Gems. I would recommend a referral system if you are well networked as this lead may reach a number of ears which in turn will lead to finding the correct person.

The fun starts here – thinking out the box! By attending industry events you will always find someone who knows someone who does what you are looking for – you just have to ask the correct questions. Good Recruiters never stop sourcing, even when they are sitting with their heads under a dryer at the beauty salon – the person next to you could be related to the Hidden Gem that you are looking for.

This last way to source Hidden Gems takes courage and a lot of confidence, I call it the “drive by”. This is when you physically go out to where these people might be and dig them out from where ever they may be hiding! There’s a lot of private investigator / detective work involved in this method. However if you ask the right questions; to the right people; your Gem is usually revealed.  #onlyreallygreatrecruiterswillunderstandthedriveby

In closing, there are many ways to skin a cat and in this year it will be wise to move into more ‘out the box thinking’ to find your hidden talent. Happy hunting.


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