With communication being key, in business and partnerships, how forthcoming are you when talking to new employees…

Have you ever purchased something of great importance, at great expense? Was the service you received when purchasing this item in line with the value of the purchase? Did the company follow up with you a few days after the purchase to ensure your satisfaction with the item? Did they offer any guarantees or maintenance/service plans?

How is this situation any different from when you last hired a new member to join your team?

As a recruiter I have found the most successful placements are those in which I have managed to establish a reputable and honest relationship with both client and candidate. This means being able to openly speak about issues as well as successes throughout the whole recruitment cycle. When communicating with a candidate, who is within their first three months of employment, at a company where you placed them, it is important to explore their likes and dislikes regarding their new position and the environment they have been placed in. This communication helps establish whether their relationship with their new employer has started on good note or whether someone is in fact required to intervene to sort out any teething issues.

Calling our candidates to ask the following questions, can eliminate any future issues which may arise, hence avoiding the dreaded ‘fall off’:

1.   How comfortable do you feel in your new environment?
2.   Are you coping with the work load and the type of work being given to you?
3.   Do you envisage a future within the organisation?
4.   Are there any areas within the business, regarding work or colleagues, which you might feel that you need to address or gain further clarity on?
5.   Have you delivered the best level of work which you feel proud to label as your own?
6.   How is the travel to and from work – are you able to maintain a good work life balance?
7.   Are you happy with the structure of their remuneration now that you have received your first pay cheque?

We will also chat to our clients and ask the following questions:

1.   How has the new employee settled in the team?
2.   How is their time management?
3.   Are you satisfied with the quality of work being delivered by the new staff member?
4.   Are there any developmental areas which might need to be addressed?
5.   Can we be of any further service in ensuring the smooth transition of your new employee within the business?

It is essential to ensure that should there be any negative feedback to the above questions that we deal with it in a timeous fashion. It may just boil down to a misunderstanding but it is definitely something that needs to be resolved ASAP.

Communication is key to any relationship, why should business be any different? So next time you make that all important decision to hire a new staff member, make sure you choose an agency that will stay in touch with their candidates. This will go a long way to ensure that the candidate has a long and fruitful relationship with your business. After all, It’s About the People!


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