After being with It’s About People for 4 years, I bid my farewell as I have accepted an opportunity that will allow me to grow my Career and Family life.

Although with much excitement from my side, I can tell you that this was not an easy decision to make! It was an emotional decision because during my process of interviews and resignations, it allowed me to take a step back and re-evaluate what our candidates go through. Are we there for them to support them in every way possible?

This was a good reminder of how an interview process is beyond stressful. Firstly, you have to find time to go for an interview whilst ensuring that this does not impact your current employment. As for me, I am still employed at It’s About People and therefore my loyalty and business ethics are towards them, however I also had to show my interest and commitment to this interview process.

Some of the interviews were almost two weeks apart, and again, another reminder why it is so important to ensure that you are there for your candidate throughout this journey. Recruiters must constantly be calling them, keeping them intrigued, excited and comfortable during the interview process.

I had to rely on my support structure and this went to various avenues, family, friends, mentors and leaders.

The next element, was having to think and evaluate what impact this would have on my current role and company. How would this effect my team? However, also taking a step back, a business will always go on and my team are a team that are experienced and skilled, who will carry on and be a phenomenal team that will continue to shine and my stepping away will not end that.

The big shock to the system, was the big “R” word that had to eventually come out. The big Resignation. This certainly was a shock to the system. Although I am excited and can’t wait for this new adventure in my personal life; there was still that thought that I must give bad news to this Company, and I personally felt that I had disappointed them and let them down. However, the business couldn’t have been more supportive and more reassuring that “I have got this” and my time has come.

I have listed a few pointers below, that I feel are important and have been reminded of during my interview process:

  • Candidates need to feel that they are supported
  • Provide feedback, any feedback (good or bad)
  • Streamline the interview process as much as possible, as we all know, time kills all deals
  • If you don’t have any feedback, remember to still follow up and check in with them
  • Know your Candidates
  • Show your Candidates that they have a support structure within the interview process
  • Know that any process is going to be difficult whether it is getting to an interview or resigning
  • Assist your Candidates with interviews by trying to find times for interviews that are suitable
  • And lastly, your Candidate is human and any process is an emotional one and even during their notice period, you should ensure that you constantly stay in touch

It has only been a few days of my notice period; however the Company has been absolutely amazing and supportive and again another indication of the type of organization that I have been lucky to be a part of.

So, as I bid my farewell over the next few weeks, I would also like to take this time with my blog to say my Thank you’s.

To my team at It’s About People, you have been a wonderful team and giving me the great opportunity of not only leading you but being part of a winning team. I believe in each of you and wish you all the best in the future. Although our time is not over, and I will cherish the next few weeks with you all, I know that I can leave here with a team that have a successful future ahead of them.

To the Leaders and Senior Management, thank you for the time I have had in the business, thank you for the support and guidance when it was needed. Thank you for the good times that we shared and for the harder times that allowed me to grow.

My time at It’s About People has been one I will take with me into my future. A company that sticks to their values and believes in their people. Thank you to all and Cheerio.


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