Let’s discuss candidate experience – living in an age where there are thousands of recruitment agencies, offering the same service as we do! What sets great companies apart from mediocre ones is the caliber of employees a company is currently employing

Therefore, great companies should always focus and prioritise the candidate experience. There has always been a silent battle for great talent. To win this battle, one must spend time thinking or rethinking their candidate experience as the candidate is going through their hiring process. Be sure to consider how this will resonate with the candidates and if they were happy at each stage of the process surely you will win them over at the end?.

We must always keep in mind that one candidate knows approximately ten other professionals in the same field, and that this community is vocal and communicative. Therefore we must build a process that revolves around and works for them. We already have the tools to make the process smooth enough for the candidate to enjoy. Let’s look at only two for now: Technology and Educating the Hiring Manager

Technology: This has the benefit to greatly improve the recruitment process. Recruiters must embrace it and make sure it facilitates and adds value to the process. We can refer to this on another Blog that I have written – The Digital Age blog. https://itsaboutpeople.co.za/ready-join-digital-age/

Educating the Hiring Manager. It is our job to educate the Hiring Manager as to why their behavior in the interview process is critical to attracting top talent. People work for companies that will give them opportunities, managers that will help them to achieve their best and the teams will upskill and challenge them. Top Talent can be easily turned off. Things like taking days to give feedback after interview will not sit well with them. We usually go with who is the fastest client to give us feedback.

Prioritising the candidate recruitment experience is a key step in winning the war on getting great talent – happy hunting!


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