The most difficult part of writing a blog is coming up with the topic! Unless something has happened that we want to share, it is tough to come up with a new, and inspiring topic week after week. For this week’s blog, I scrutinised all of our previous blogs to see which one had generated the highest number of questions, or traffic. Here is the blog that I found: http://Link to Previous Blog It was a fantastic blog written by my colleague Felicia in July 2015. This blog really struck a nerve with our readers and it generated loads of questions that I think people were too embarrassed to ask anyone else.

What is clearly evident from some of the questions on this blog is that people are unsure as to whether they have a criminal record or not. As weird as this sounds, some people are not sure about their criminal status because they have never been formally fined; never been to court or are even unsure if the fine they paid ever landed in the right police bank accounts! (Did the ‘fine’ maybe end up in someone’s back pocket – all South Africans will know what I mean here!)

Here are some of the questions that the Blog generated (please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors as they are taken verbatim off our website):

  • I was arrested for shop lifting for R60, I paid fine as admission of guilt at the police station. Will i have criminal record
  • I was accused of fraud in 2013, the case was thrown out in court. I have recently applied for a police clearance, and received the certificate which states I have no criminal record. I have been to a few employment agencies, after background checks, they have informed me that I have a criminal record.
  • I was detained by mall security for shoplifting an item values at R160. I was taken to security offices and wrote down my details (excluding I.D number.) I paid a fine and was free to go will I have a criminal record?
  • Hi. I was involved in a drink and driving charge and the matter went to court in 2012, do I want become a police officer ,can I apply?

These are just four questions out of the many that we received. I can honestly understand people’s confusion around their criminal status as I would also be confused after experiencing what they did!

Here at It’s About People we believe in helping people by making a positive difference in people’s lives. As part of our value proposition to people, we would like to offer people the opportunity to check if they have a criminal record in a confidential and sensitive manner.

In order to use our services, we would need to see you in person as we would need to get a set of your fingerprints using our biometric scanner (no messy blank ink etc!). We then electronically send your fingerprints off to the SAPS Headquarters in Pretoria where they will let us know whether you have a criminal record or not. This process should take a maximum of five working days to get a result. If you have a positive match for a potential criminal record, we will get an alert from them. We then need to wait 4 – 6 weeks to get a formal report from the SAPS which will detail what the criminal record is for.

As well as checking to see if you have a criminal record, we can also check your ITC/credit record and let you know if you have any Judgements or Defaults against your name.

Hopefully this is just another way that It’s About People can help members of our community.


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