​No matter how many candidates you have interviewed in your career, there are still times that the human element creeps in and we make a hiring mistake. Don’t beat yourself up about these, note your mistakes and learn from them.

Common mistakes companies make when hiring

•Hiring a new employee purely on past performance. Their past record is worth considering, but it is not the only aspect you should consider. Within the context of the new environment a past success may not be repeatable.  A developer given an array of new technologies at his past job would have been able to create and produce much quicker and therefore would have a great track record.  The new company may limit his access to certain technologies, slowing down his productivity.

It’s About People understands the IT sector and the ever changing nature of the industry.  As such we are able to advise you on the most suitable candidates for your position. We also meet with all of the candidates in person to assess what sort of role they are looking for in the future – do they want to work in a team or individually; do they want to work on cutting edge technologies or stay with technologies that they are familiar with?

•Business needs to fill a position quickly, so you need to find a candidate that best fits the role in a limited amount of time.  Most bad hires are as a direct result of limited screening due to rushing the hiring process. This is further impacted by IT Skilled Candidates not being on the market for very long and companies trying to get the best Talent on board.  It’s About People screens and maintains a network of hundreds of qualified IT individuals, cutting down on the amount of interviews you need to conduct in order to find the most suitable candidate. In short, we do the screening for you so you only meet with candidates of the highest calibre, most suited to your requirement!

See what our customers had to say about our service in the past. 

•Hiring from the competition.  Often companies make the mistake of hiring an average employee, because they work at their closest competitor. A candidate with better skills might exist, even though the person has less industry experience.  Their performance will probably outweigh that of the competitor’s employee within a short space of time. Industry knowledge does not outweigh willingness to work, dependability and the right skill set. It’s About People understands the importance of ensuring that we have the candidate’s best interests at heart too. For example, if they are working in a consulting environment and are not enjoying it, we will try to move them into a corporate IT department. We find that if clients take candidates from competitors; the candidate has often just swapped apples for apples. These people do not tend to stay in their new roles for very long and invariably, the client will be re-recruiting for that role within a few months.

•Job descriptions don’t match the skills required. In the IT industry in particular – HR, business or a recruiter can often not articulate the proper skills required to fulfil an IT role. When you have a unique role that needs to be filled, ensure the job profile is accurate so that the selected candidate will fit the position. It is also important to have a clear job description, as often in the IT sector, skills are scarce and the same employee might be pursued by numerous prospective employers. The best way to avoid this situation is to make sure that the new hire’s Line Manager previews the job spec before it is posted online or sent out to agencies.

•Regardless of the time spent on screening a candidate, a company sometimes cannot identify a bad hire until they have been employed for several months. It is important to accurately screen candidates for the correct personality traits and to screen and understand the company culture. It’s About People use a tried and tested candidate screening and testing process to ensure that the technical skills and the candidates’ attitude will fit your company’s unique culture. This comes with having heaps of experience in the Recruitment Industry and really understanding the value of going with your ‘Gut Feel’.  Read more about Bad Culture fits and how to determine your company culture.

•Reference checks.  An alarming number of companies have disclosed that they don’t perform reference checks on new employees. Either the process of checking these references was unavailable or inaccessible during the hiring process; or the company did not want to incur additional costs. Maybe they did not allow sufficient time to screen the candidates correctly?  Particularly in South Africa, it is becoming increasingly important to do standard background checks on people’s Qualifications and ITC ratings due to fraud. You will also be surprised at the number of candidates who come up ‘positive’ for a criminal record lately.

It’s About People does not cut corners and always takes references from people who have worked with, and preferably managed, the individual in their previous roles. We also run complimentary checks/verifications on the candidate’s highest qualifications; their financial background (if required for the position) and we use our biometric scanner to take each candidate’s fingerprints to send to SAPS to check for any criminal activity.


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