2016 is proving to be a really tough year for business, many people I encounter say the same thing: “Business is busy but slow on closing deals”. For most of us, panic sets in and the only thing to do is run around like a headless chicken, performing the same tasks that have been performed for the past six months, or more! This is the natural reaction of most of us and most certainly of any business that has been successful in previous months.

What ensues is negativity, stress and in most cases, dismay and an inability to dig oneself out of the hole that you seem to find yourself in, without you ever having held a spade. How do you counteract the motions that follow? You have a team that is scrambling to meet targets and emotions are raised, leading to short tempers and low drive?

We see it so often, where staff start to look around and try to find greener pastures because ‘business is bad’, but like anything in life, a marriage, for example, how do you counteract the impending doom that lays ahead of you? You fight, fight and fight! You fight for strength, unity, drive and success!

We have recently experienced a lull in the market and as such there has been a need for a re-evaluation of our business strategy. If you want to succeed in an already cut-throat industry, you have to find new ways of making business work and that means, finding new ways of getting your staff motivated. This takes time and effort but at the end, you will be grateful for the awareness and the new energy.

I feel you should create activities that allow your team to voice their opinions; offer their suggestions and put forward a plan for the future. Set targets for the next four weeks and the four weeks thereafter. Find innovative ways of bringing in new business; farming existing accounts and creatively seeking business outside of your usual regimes.

Team work means being able to see the bigger picture and assisting each other in order to stand together as a unified front. Don’t allow yourself to get bogged down by the negativity; focus on things that are realistically within reach and if something is not working, CAN IT!

I know there are many of you out there, who have identified with the opening paragraph of my blog and if so, you need not feel alone, business is business, life is life and there are always going to be dips and highs, the difference is in how you deal with it. Remember, everything in life is temporary, so when things are going well, revel in it because nothing lasts forever but when things are going badly, don’t give up because once again, the bad times can’t last forever either. Onwards and upwards, It’s About People, we strive for GREATNESS!


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