We live in a third world country, where the great need for skilled resources far outnumber the resources we have. This creates a challenge for us Recruiters. Being a third world Recruiter will always mean that you have to do everything better than the rest of the world, or first countries, in order to keep up. This is exactly what our banking industry has had to do. Banks are continuously evolving; ever innovating and improving on technology to find ways to do banking faster, safer and easier for their customers. And today we have a banking industry, in a third world country, that rivals the best banks that the entire world has to offer.

How do we the align ourselves to also achieve the same results in the recruitment space, because just as their customers hate waiting in ques, ours hate coming for internal interviews. Can we create an app that will help us with this, I’m sure soon that will be the case? But one thing about innovation and evolving is that it’s a process that takes a step at a time and utilises every available resources that we have. We have tried to make this step in our process enjoyable, but just like the banking industry failed by playing funny videos, we have unwittingly failed.

So, what’s the next step, what’s our next move, because if we don’t innovate our way out of this, we will still have the same results if not even worse. So, Can Social Media be classed as a Disruptor in the South African Recruitment Industry?

The answer for me is a bold yes. Just as the banking industry used the technology to create data profiling and with it improved how they can best improve their processes for their client.

Social Media “Technology” can also help with this. We also interview on the basis that we don’t want to send a risk to our clients and in essence we are profiling our candidates and collecting information “data” when we meet them. Can we therefore solve the issue that I can’t come to you, but I am an interested candidate with a transport or time problem? Yes, we can pick up a lot of things on Social Media and can get a picture of the character of the candidates and for the rest we have tools like Skype, LinkedIn and even WhatsApp has video calling capabilities which we can use. We can still get the same results as a face to face interview.

I think to always stay on top of our game we need to continuously improve on our recruitment processes. One of the steps that need to be looked at in this process are the face to face interviews. Let’s discuss, leave your comments below please:


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