Do you fear change within your career? As human beings it is a natural to seek better things and make changes in accordance with our desires and physical needs. In the same way when mapping your career, it is essential to seek opportunities that afford you growth in one way or another and as such, the recruitment industry is mostly candidate rich.

Why do some individuals feel the need to stay within an organisation for years at a time and never make that transition? Fear! Fear is the number one factor for people sitting within organisations for periods of ten to twenty years. They become stagnant and remain happily within their comfort zone and live with a boxed in mindset.

Everything in life, be it taking a trip, purchasing a vehicle or house, meeting new people, entering into a new relationship or accepting their next step within their career, is a risk. You don’t know what you are getting until you purchase something, likewise you don’t know what type of environment your new employer will host until you have entered into that partnership and allowed for enough time to pass in order to make an informed decision.

It is true to say that research can eliminate much of the anxieties that come with making a career change. However much like a relationship, you can never know someone until you live with them.

Without risk, change cannot happen! Make sure you have conducted enough background research in order to make an informed decision and should it happen that the move to your new employer, is the wrong one, chalk it down to experience and lessons learnt. Don’t consider a wrong career move to be a mistake, our paths cross with other people’s paths, situations and things happen for a reason. At times, it is not clear to us immediately but the reason exists and like every step of our lives, positivity is key.

At It’s About People we understand the nuances of transition and as such strive to advise and guide each and every candidate and client as best we can. We ensure that we meet with each and every prospective candidate and every one of our clients, affording us the insight and ability to make an informed decision on your behalf, when you are making that change. We will ensure that culturally each candidate is suited to the environment offered by our clients.

If you are unable to trust in your own instincts when making such a life changing decision, allow us to guide you and offer you comfort in knowing that ours is a service offered with background information, stable partnerships and an understanding or compassionate view of both candidate and client needs.

If you need support and guidance, contact us, we are here to help but in the meanwhile here are some tips:

  • Conduct as much online research as possible on potential companies, including visiting websites and social media platforms
  • Listen to word of mouth and establish a pattern within people’s opinions (be careful of disgruntled employees as every organisation will have a few)
  • Find testimonials and comments from clients and employees
  • Research analytics in terms of the company’s clientele
  • Search for advertising and get to know their target market
  • Take a step back and ask yourself some questions:


  1. Have I weighed up the pros and cons of my decision to move and where my career is headed?
  2. What growth am I looking for and can they offer that to me?
  3. Why haven’t I left my current position before now?
  4. What type of cultural fit am I seeking?
  5. What upskilling, if given the opportunity, would I be seeking?
  6. Is the decision to move, about money or career advancement?
  7. How would I feel if I entered into an offer stage with the company?
  8. Would I consider a counter offer and why?
  9. What areas or locations would best suit me and how far am I willing to travel?
  10. What type of leadership would align to my values?
  11. What flexibility am I seeking?

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