It’s incredibly rare to find people who find job satisfaction and reward within their careers and have a work life balance. However, I believe that within each role there is an opportunity which allows for some form of reward or delight. Recently I worked on an order which was quite difficult to fill. I battled to find the right caliber of candidate that my client was seeking. Based on the culture of the business, this person had to be someone of high integrity, big personality and of course, very technically inclined. After sourcing for several weeks and interviewing many prospective candidates; it started to feel like the right fit was not out there. Previously I have worked on a role, which took a year to fill, so tenacity was something I knew that I had.

Finally, the right candidate (let’s call him Peter for the purposes of this article) came to meet me for an interview. For the rest of the process, after listening to his story; my heart was filled with a burning desire to ensure that no matter what, this was the job for him! Peter had been retrenched several times and was currently working on a contract, which could end any day. He had had a very long and hard road leading up to my meeting with him. Peter was earning a pittance and working long hours which included night shift most weeks. Peter has a six month old daughter whom he never had time to spend with and his time with his wife was equally as limited. Life was increasingly difficult for him but the person that sat across from me in my interview room, was surprisingly jovial and filled with hope! I knew that I had to do something to ensure that Peter, ahead of any other candidates, would be my next placement for It’s About People!

I prepped Peter for his first interview with my client; ensured that all his checks were clear and I submitted his references early in order to ensure that I was able to represent him to the best of my ability.

I knew my client would get on well with him during the first interview but I also knew that they already had a number of individuals who had been shortlisted for second interviews. Not willing to allow another candidate to take Peter’s position, I pushed and made sure that my client knew what an asset to his team Peter would be.

Eventually, I received the good news from my client. It was with great pleasure and delight that I made contact with Peter to give him the great news. He was the candidate that they had chosen above all others! This meant that in a month’s time, this man with his positive spirit, despite the cards he had been dealt, would walk into a job which would ultimately change his life and that of his family. Going forward, they would be able to spend quality time together, move homes and experience the quality of life that he had so dearly prayed for.

On top of this, Peter would be receiving a whopping ten thousand rand increase, per month, when he started his new permanent job. There is nothing like hearing a grown man cry with joy to show me that there is reward in every effort! I rejoiced at the humbling experience of being able to change one man’s life! He is now able to take his wife out on a date (for the first time in years) and afford to put his daughter in a crèche.

I am very lucky to be a part of an organisation which stands by their name, it really is about the people! I challenge you to go ahead and find your reward in your chosen career today!


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