It’s a known fact that from Monday to Friday, you spend more time with your colleagues than you do with your partner and/or families. (Obviously not including the hours you spend sleeping). It therefore makes sense that you need to get on with your colleagues or else you could be facing a pretty tough time!  Here are five critical keys to success to remember when you are in charge of a Team:

1. Make sure your Team Members are Challenged
This links back to the old saying of ‘the devil finds work for idle hands!’ If you keep your team busy doing challenging tasks they will not have time to get bored and potentially start surfing some Career Portals. People’s days seem to go faster when they are busier and they will have a greater sense of achievement at ‘Home Time’. Your Team needs a Goal and the BHAGs seem to be the best. (Big Hairy Audacious Goals)

2. Keep the Fires of Passion Burning
What are we without Passion? Is your passion communicated and regularly shared with your Team? People with passion, working together towards a common goal, generates an unbelievable energy that is a delight to manage. People need to feel relaxed in their working environments in order for their ‘creative juices’ to keep flowing.

3. Do you and your Team have the necessary Organisational Support?
In order to keep your Team happy and working hard, you need to have the support and ‘buy in’ from the ‘Powers that be’. Are they making sure that your Team are working with the latest equipment and are getting the desired recognition from the top? This will go a long way to keep your team focused and on track for success.

4. Hold one another Accountable against their Targets
All Team Members need clear and achievable targets so they can measure themselves against these regularly. It is important for people to be able to track and record their own progress. This is also a good way of seeing who is performing and who is the ‘weakest link’. Effective Teams begin and end with a clear Team Target!

5. Empower your Team Members
People like to feel that they are trusted enough to make their own mistakes. By this I mean, give your team the power to make their own decisions. You may well be very impressed with the outcome as people think differently and you may even end up with a better than expected result! So trust your Team and maybe you could learn something new from them. Just remember they will need a fair amount of nurturing and guidance during this process.

We hope these points have helped and you will look forward to going to work in a motivated team of like-minded individuals!


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