When completing a job application, you may be tempted to leave a few things out, or to add a little extra in. You may not think it will do any harm and that it is not that important to always tell the truth. Why wouldn’t you embellish your CV with some untruths to help you land that brilliant job?

Wrong! This is not the first impression that you want to give, you are only setting yourself up for failure. Recruitment agents are trained to sniff, stalk and research every bit of information that is given to them by their candidates. There have been more instances than I care to remember, of when I have been let down because of false information given to me by a candidate.

I understand that interviews are stressful, and can be an emotional process, but having to look for a job is a life changing process. No matter how stressful the process may be, there is no need to lie on your application documents as this will only land you into a whole world of trouble.

Once you have signed the forms to register with an agency, you are agreeing and stating that what you have written on your application is truthful. You cannot have something written on your CV that is then disputed when background checks are conducted.  Or even worse, when your referees are called for reference checks and they paint a completely different picture as to why you left the company! This is not the sort of impression you want to leave with any recruitment agency or Company as you may find yourself blacklisted for life.

Being truthful on your application, CV and in an interview demonstrates your character – do you have good ethics and integrity? You must admit your weaknesses but always remember to mention your strengths. Candidates who do this, will be given their dream job and opportunities, whether they haven’t completed studying or there are gaps on their CVs. Rather tell the truth than have the embarrassment of having to explain the reason for your lies at a later stage.

Let’s stay honest, because as over used and as common as this saying is, it probably is the best way and the defining factor that could get you your job. Honesty really is the best policy, every time.

Areas to make sure you are truthful in (as they WILL be checked and referenced by Recruiters and Hiring Managers alike) are:

    • Employment history
    • Gaps on your CV
    • Reasons for leaving
    • Tertiary education
    • Further courses
    • Criminal record
    • Credit checks
    • Referees
    • Salary information

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