Being in recruitment and helping people in their career is an amazing feeling, but it’s gotten to the point that I am no longer surprised by people’s actions. Anyone who has been in the recruitment industry long enough will tell you that what is done by the human race doesn’t surprise them either.

I was reminded of the humour in this job just this week when a candidate, who incidentally was on his way to my client for an interview, called me and asked me the following.
“I know it is very late to call and I am on my way to an interview for you but I have just been made another job offer and my Mom said I must take the job. Do I still have to go for the interview for you?”
Seriously? Your Mom? Um …… yes as this is an interview you had committed to 3 days ago and my client is expecting you. In addition to this, it is rude to cancel an appointment just before it is due to start, it doesn’t look good for us as we are representing you and surely you are interested to explore the position that just days ago you were interested in. It is also not advisable to burn bridges with anyone as you never know when your path may cross with theirs in the future.
My candidate did end up going for the interview with my client and called me afterwards to tell me how he LOVED the Company and the sound of the job and that he will call his mom to say that he preferred this job instead. Here is my modernised version of an old saying “Recruiters know best”.
Here are some of the other “excuses” I have heard in this position, (if the candidate actually has the courtesy to let you know they won’t make the meeting as most just don’t pitch up) …… just an average day at the office you know.
• My car broke down so I can’t make the meeting
• I have double booked myself
• My gran passed away (tragic until it happens for the 4th time)
• I have a flat tyre
• I have had a car accident
PS: Another piece of advice to candidates, it may also be beneficial to get your flu shot as some candidates I have dealt with get so sick from the flu it prevents them answering their phone or responding to e mails!
With all the bad there is a lot of good and some candidate are just such a pleasure to assist. We are not naïve, cars do break down, unexpected situations do happen, I get it, and I have been in some of these situations myself, but honesty is appreciated a lot more than some of the excuses we hear on a daily basis.
Candidates, you no longer surprise me and you no longer scare me, I am a recruiter and have heard it all before.

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