Let’s talk about how to keep abreast of your skill set, both professionally and in your personal capacity.

In the rat race of life; I find that there seems to be little time to do the things which are beneficial to us from a career, or personal growth perspective such as enhancing your skill. With our full time careers, we tend to create ‘passive hobbies’. We don’t always feel like we have any energy left, to do much more than binge watch series or vegetate on the couch after hours.

Are these things making our brains lazy and are our lives therefore becoming meaningless and empty?

It has become increasingly obvious that we need more stimulation in our everyday lives but how can we find ways to stimulate our minds and ensure that we stay physically and mentally fit? I have come up with a few ideas, which I feel go hand in hand with my colleague’s previous blog regarding goals and how to set them.

By now everyone within the working world should be connected on Social Media. These platforms can be beneficial in increasing knowledge to enhance existing skill sets, either taught or innate.

1.    Follow relevant posts or blogs from well-known authors or groups, which are, aligned to your career or passion. This can offer greater insight into a subject or tool, which you already utilise but could always benefit from upskilling. (Greg Savage’s Recruitment Blog is a personal favourite of mine)
2.    Reading can greatly enhance the mind. Especially when exercising centers of the brain, which have become dormant due to a lack of mental exercise and general knowledge stimulation.
3.    Attend networking events relevant to your interests, or line of work, as these will expose you to a new world of technologies and platforms that you may otherwise have never known. Not only can networking events increase your knowledge but they can also offer you a greater networking platform for business, increasing sales opportunities and partnerships.
4.    Enhance your online footprint by creating profiles on the likes of Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.
5.    Associating your online profile with high profiled individuals, or organisations, within the industry can increase your knowledge which in turn will enhance your skills. This will also provide you with a greater ability to adapt to ever increasing technological enhancements.
6.    Sign up for short courses. Our sister Company, Karabina, offers Microsoft courses, which allow you to certify in specific arenas. These not only give you an edge within your career but can also enhance your profile to ensure that you are in greater demand within the industry.
7.    There are also platforms such as the Shaw Academy, which provide short courses to improve your business acumen, sales skills, IT skills and other professional skills in order to keep you ahead of your game.
8.    Keep your brain active by:
–    Learning something new on a daily basis
–    Through learning a new language
–    Mentoring
–    Hiring a life coach
–    Watching webinars
–    Starting your own blog
–    Reading up on material relevant to your passions or desires
–    Learning to enhance your social media footprint
–    Learning new words to add to your vocabulary
–    Keeping abreast of eCommerce
–    Learning to play a musical instrument
–    Increasing your physical exercise weekly

Whatever your passion, try to push your boundaries weekly, if not daily! Steer away from the passive habits of going home at night, laying on the couch and watching television. Instead of watching three hours of television a night or six hours over a weekend; read a book, put your thoughts on paper and exercise the most important organ in the human body – your brain.

Who are you? The chicken or the eagle? Or more importantly, who do you WANT to be?


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