At It’s About People, we strive to constantly align our business to our core values. In my previous blog I wrote about why it is important to have your core values as a business and how to define your company value. This led me to my next topic – to share what It’s About People stands for and the core values that we follow.

Our name, It’s About People, shows that people are central to our business – whether is it our candidates or clients. We are passionate about helping people to improve their lives and this comes through strongly from people’s first meetings with us. We take each client and candidate’s needs to heart and go beyond the ‘required’ call of duty to assist either party during the recruitment process.

The 5 core values that It’s About People stand for are:

  • Customer Service – Providing the best service to our clients, and candidates, by ensuring that we have open communication lines and regular feedback between all parties • Quality – Presenting only the best and top skill candidates to our clients. Providing the best quality of service to our candidates • Honesty – Combining our passion for assisting people with honesty, truthfulness and sincerity throughout the process • Accountability – Taking ownership for all of our actions and decisions during the recruitment process • Fairness – Taking into consideration our candidates and clients’ needs and ensuring we treat both sides equally and fairly

Our clients know that they can count on us and our commitment to present candidates of excellent calibre to them.  Conversely, our candidates know that we are committed to providing them with brilliant opportunities that will enable them to achieve their career goals.

I have also included a few testimonials below. We are very proud to share these as it proves how we can change people’s lives for the better.


Clients • Thank you so much for the kind words, it is again also proof of the good calibre of people you provide which builds a really good trust relationship and you also take the time to build a personal relationship with a true caring nature.

  • It’s About People offers SUBSTANTIALLY more value than other recruiting alternatives. Without It’s About People the iSPartners Group of Companies would not have met its growth objectives
  • It’s About People is a strategic partner of ours. In my experience they have the best grasp of our staffing needs across the company. This includes speciality needs that require a high degree of discernment to meet our specific requirements. It’s About People has spent significant time and effort to get to know us and this makes all the difference.
  • The IAP gang are tenacious, irritating, relentless and hard-ass. Everything you would expect from a recruitment agency.

Candidates  • I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your utmost professionalism. In my search for employment I sent my CV to many different companies and the response from all of them was the same – bad / rude and unprofessional – except from It’s About People. Just the fact that you took the time to actually pick up a phone and call me through every step even though it was a very short process made me feel like I actually had something to offer. Subsequent to our meetings I did receive an offer from a software development company which I accepted. I will however not forget your advice and plan to remedy my shortcomings on the educational front. If I am ever in the position to hire staff again as I have been in the past please know that you will receive my business and that I will recommend you very highly as you really stood out from the crowd.

  • I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you and your team for working with me throughout my journey of finding a perfect opportunity. You were just fantastic throughout. I must say that the level of professionalism and dedication you have shown has been unquantifiable and immensely appreciated. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, and all the best in your future projects and personal endeavours.

During my first contact with It’s About People, I met with my consultant and we had a discussion for about an hour. My consultant took the time to get to know me, my personality and my career aspirations as they wanted to assess if I was a good fit for the position the had in mind. I was then told that the client was Discovery and my consultant really knew their client as they described to me exactly what Discovery were looking for. Let’s just say it sounded too good to be true and was exactly what I was looking for in a company. Its About People sent me through for interviews and assisted me along the way. I landed the position and they got me the exact financial offer I was looking for. I was very excited and as they say, the rest is history. My journey with its About People didn’t end then, they still phone to check up how I am doing, they genuinely care and truly are all about people. I will be forever grateful for their help and how they brought my career aspirations to life. They believed in me and my goals


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