Congratulations on your fabulous news! Finding out you are pregnant is a big change and exciting news, but is it a reason to pull yourself out of an interview process?

Being pregnant myself with my first child has not only been exciting but frightening at the same time. However, I am not sure that if I were in an interview process that I would stop a career opportunity because of my pregnancy. Especially if the business I am interviewing at doesn’t see it as a problem.

This topic seems to pop up daily at the moment. I have had many candidates call me to say they have just found out that they are pregnant and that we need to stop the interview process. Why?

Falling pregnant is great, happy news and a time to celebrate but I don’t agree that it is the time to stop everything in your life because of it. Of course you get the woman who unfortunately experience a very different type of pregnancy which is very difficult! The first 12 weeks are nothing but a nightmare with nausea, changing body and exhaustion but that too shall pass!  You need to assess how far you are through the interview process and how important is that new career opportunity that you have been chasing?

I have most recently had three situations that have stood out for me over the last couple of weeks that have prompted me to write this blog.I am not so unrealistic that I should consider being pregnant to be a ‘walk in the park’. I get it. But my comments are to think clearly, don’t let the shock of your news allow you to make a quick, irrational decision because some companies don’t see it as a problem.

If you are still under 12 weeks the most common “rule” is not to share your pregnancy just yet, as it is a very sensitive trimester. However, during an interview process it could be shared confidentially with HR. This will ensure we keep the business up to date and allow them to make the business decision whether they can accommodate your pregnancy or not in terms of maternity leave, when the baby would be due etc.

Two of my candidates have pulled themselves out of an interview process because they have JUST found out they’re pregnant and both were right at final stage with potential offers. Both the businesses were just as upset to hear that the candidate no longer wanted to proceed with their interview process.My third candidate told me as soon as she found out but she was happy to share the news with the company she was interviewing with. This didn’t turn out to be a problem as just a few days ago I sent my candidate a signed letter of employment and she accepted.

My advice to ‘mommies to be’ in an interview process would be:

    • Don’t make quick decisions
    • Give yourself time to think it through
    • Share your news with the business you are interviewing at but be sure to let them know you are still happy to  be in this process and look forward to a new career opportunity
    • Make sure you have the right reasons that you are pulling yourself from an interview process

Good luck with your pregnancy and a potential career opportunity. Make the right calls and think clearly!


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