Face to face client meetings assist in building a solid rapport for an ongoing business partnership with recruiters.

The phone rings on my desk; I politely answer and the person on the other end of the line is a potential new client; wanting to secure my services for a resource they are in desperate need of. They explain what it is that they need, describing the ideal candidate for the role they want to fill yesterday. I ask the question ”What time and date can I put in your diary for us to meet and have an exploratory chat, regarding your business and the type of individual that would best suit your needs?”

Unfortunately, the answer to my question is often that the new client has no time for exploratory chats and is unable to set aside any time to meet with myself!

How can people be serious about hiring an individual but not be willing to meet with the people whom they entrust the sourcing to?  There are so many factors involved in the recruitment process that it is totally ludicrous not to meet with the people who are interviewing the prospective candidates on your behalf.

Here is what meeting with a recruitment agency ensures:

1. The recruiters understand your business and will have a clear understanding of the types of individuals who will NOT fit into the culture of your existing team
2. If your business is a small entity, or one that does not fit into the profile of a large corporate, time is not wasted on candidates who are seeking a corporate environment
3. Information on the soft skills pertaining to the role, which do not appear on the job spec, is fleshed out and better understood
4. Details surrounding the organogram of the business, is understood and relayed to the individual so they know how to prepare for the interview
5. Budgetary requirements are understood in order to establish whether or not there is room for someone with a higher or lower skill set
6. Interview timelines and eventually a hiring timeline are established and the agency is able to ascertain the correct time frames for the recruitment process
7. Clients often want the replacement for the role to be an exact replica of the person who has just left the role. However, we are able to advise our client’s to help them to understand that such a person may not exist and finding someone who aligns to 80% of the requirements, is often the only option.
8. The job specifications drawn up by line managers, or perhaps HR personnel, are vague at best and it is our job to ask the right questions in order to understand what is specifically required from the new person. (As well as what technologies or terminologies may need greater explanation)
9. Benefits and employee care are important ‘selling points’ to an individual seeking to move into an environment where they could build a career
10. Meeting our clients and their teams ensure that culture fit is always top of mind when meeting prospective candidates

As a recruiter, we do not want to waste your time or make you feel that you are participating in pointless meetings – we want to ensure that the service we offer adds value to your business. We will ask several questions pertaining to the role and the skill set of the successful candidate – we may even ask a few questions that you may not have thought of yourself.

It goes without saying that a good client relationship is built on trust and understanding and who doesn’t want a success story? We know that our clients have explored most avenues, mostly unsuccessfully, before approaching us for assistance.  Take the time out of your day and meet with your service provider, the rewards will be far better than a recruiter just aimlessly throwing CVs in your direction.


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