I would like to provide some recruitment tips based on something which has recently been brought to my attention.

I met with a candidate whom I was interviewing for a role at one of my clients. It was brought to my attention that they had recently been contacted by an ‘agency’ offering them assistance in finding a suitable place of employment. Once this individual made the decision to provide them with a copy of their updated CV, the agency requested that they come in and meet with one of their consultants. Upon acceptance of the invite, the candidate was then told to please bring the necessary documentation along with a value of R350, in cash.

The money was in lieu of services they were about to render in aid of finding the candidate a suitable position. Once the candidate had arrived at the place of recruitment, he/she was interviewed very briefly and never heard from the agency again once the monies had been paid.

Similarly, another candidate who had no clue how to complete their CV, approached an agency who charged them R 500 to complete their CV in a relevant format that would aid in them finding the perfect job. The CV, subsequently, in my opinion, did not sell the candidate in an appropriate fashion in order to secure a suitable position.

I am disgusted that there are people out there, preying on the desperation of individuals who require guidance and assistance in securing employment. It is no wonder that recruitment agencies have acquired such a bad reputation within the market.

As a recruiter, who has entered into this line of work, not for the money, but for the reward of being able to assist someone in finding their next home away from home, I urge you to shop around and research companies which offer the best service of recruitment. I have never charged someone a fee to assist them, nor have I ever asked for payment in lieu of a completed CV!!!!

My advice to you, find a Recruiter who is passionate about what they do and who will bend over backwards to make you feel secure and heard. Someone who will place your best interests above the value of making a quick buck. Update your LinkedIn profile and your online portal profiles such as Pnet, Indeed or Careers24. Ensure that you have your relevant work history in place with relevant employment dates and specific duties relating to your skill set. Include reasons for leaving and achievements. If you are unable to visit an agency, go online and choose a template that will assist in completing a comprehensive CV. Ensure that your online profiles have a decent, professional photo of you and not something that showcasing your social life such as a picture with you having a drink at a pub.

It’s About People are in the business of Changing Lives, we are not here to prey on your misfortunes or desperation. We may not always be able to assist based on the economy and the availability of your specific skill set but we will try our best and make you our business partner rather than a quick sale.

All the best with your job hunt!


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