Starting a new position has so many mixed emotions. Starting with the “I got the position!” to “I can’t believe I got the position!”; to the dreaded emotions where panic sets in and your stress levels start rising. Your life will become an emotional rollercoaster but with the right mind-set, positive attitude – this experience can be enjoyable and far less nerve-wracking than you think.

Turning the tables, having a new employee starting at your company is a stressful time too. New employers will hope the new candidates will fit in with the rest of the team and that their work is up to standard. Creating a good first impression and making sure the new starter’s first days are awesome is always going to be important.

Those of you who have been through a well-structured on boarding process, will understand the importance of this process.  I know personally that the most recent induction that I had was an invaluable week of getting to know my new colleagues and company better. I was given time to settle in and a chance to “break the ice’.

Many companies add a stringent on boarding programme to their hiring process as research shows that this leads to better long term outcomes that positively impact the company and the new employees. People have reported to experience quicker job satisfaction and performance levels, after experiencing a fantastic Orientation Programme.

Personal Experience

In my personal experience, when starting at a new position, being a part of a well organised and friendly on boarding process, certainly makes it that much easier. The worst first day on a new position for me was when I started at my previous recruitment company. I was introduced to a colleague and did that awkward walk around the office being introduced as the new lady – it was not even possible to remember everyone’s names! I was then told to read through everything and anything that I felt could to help me learn the ropes. As this was the first time I had ever worked in Recruitment; I didn’t know anything from sourcing a candidate to following a recruitment process.  I just had to get on with it, on my own. I was left feeling unwelcome, discouraged and I had a sour taste in my mouth. This wasn’t a position I could grow in as I had no one to learn from – where was my Employer’s empathy for their staff?

The best first day I ever had, morphed into the best first week at my current position. I knew this was the company I was going to work for for a very long time. I will grow with them because it’s a company I am very proud to be associated with. From the warm welcome, to the fantastic training I received, I knew I was onto a good thing. This was down to the “welcoming” I received and the on boarding process where I got to learn so much about the company and I could really buy into their vision.

Simple steps go a long way to boost any employee’s first impressions of their new employers and will add to their ongoing commitment and dedication to the business.


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