Does the word ‘exclusive’ worry you? Or are you not even sure what this could mean? Are you ready for this next serious move to become exclusive business partners? What does exclusivity mean; where do we begin and why will this be exactly what my business needs? These are a few questions that are probably running through any business owner’s mind when they hear these words.

Being exclusive, means taking our working relationship to a whole new level of commitment. The length of time that this will be for will be up to you and your business. The pros and cons can only be experienced once you enter into this agreement. However, what this means for us, is that you have given me the opportunity to be your trusted partner. I have proven myself plenty times, over a period of time to be the only agency / recruiter to work successfully with you on your positions that you are looking to fill.

We have recently offered our clients a recruitment special where we lowered our placement fee if they guaranteed us a period of exclusivity. Many of our clients were receptive and ready to take us up on our special. I am still not quite sure if businesses know the real value that a recruitment business partner can offer if you allow them just a few weeks of exclusivity.   Granting exclusivity to one agency can be a daunting step for any business. You really need to have a solid working relationship with that agency first and have seen some level of success from them in the past.

From an agency perspective, you must have faith in your abilities to source, interview and forward successful candidates in a very short period of time. You need to have all the right support structures in place at the office so you can really take advantage of this period of exclusivity.

There is no point in wasting your time, or your client’s time, by holding the recruitment process up if it is an area that is not in your expertise. For example, don’t accept or offer to be exclusive for a finance role if you specialise in IT recruitment only. I am sure that you would be able to fill this role however, you must remember the time sensitivity that you have agreed upon to be exclusive.

Our business model doesn’t rely on a stale database as we feel that each and every role and client is so unique. We know that it doesn’t benefit our clients to spam them with CVs that aren’t aligned to their job spec or candidates that won’t be a cultural fit.  Time is precious to everyone and we are not here to waste our client’s time!

Clients, I reach out to you in this blog hoping that it will allow you to see another side of what agencies can offer and how they will benefit you. I would highly recommend discussing an exclusivity agreement for the following reasons:

    • Dedicated focused approach from the agency
    • Quicker turnaround times
    • Better quality of candidates aligned to your business needs
    • Guaranteed recruitment process for the really urgent roles
    • Lower percentage fee and savings
    • No spam or time waited running through numerous CVs
    • Serious commitment from both parties

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