I have learned over the years that a job is not simply a job if you take accountability in what you deliver and in the success of the business itself.

Most of us amble along, earning salary after salary, delivering mediocre work and not concerning ourselves with the success of the business. After all it is someone else’s responsibility so why should we take any notice of the billings or the profitability of the Company?

Taking accountability and working within a team means taking responsibility for the portion that you contribute to the business in order to bring it to the success that has been set. Taking home a salary and putting in the hours that are expected of you, is simply not enough. One needs to take charge of their role within the business, owning it as if that portion is their part of the business, hence the downfalls and rewards are owned as well.

Yes, businesses thrive because employees are the backbone of any successful organisation but without team work and everyone owning their portion, it is inevitable that the business will not thrive.

Ultimately, as a paid employee, it is your responsibility to ensure that each and every task assigned to you, is delivered upon to the best of your ability and in turn conjoined with the outcome of the rest of your team. Is this not what makes up the whole of a business?

Stop thinking of yourself as an individual in a business and start thinking of yourself as a piece of the puzzle that makes up the whole picture. Yes, there is no “I” in team work but too often individuals within a team look out for themselves and forget that they are part of a bigger picture, a picture of success and drive which brings clients, employees, managers and billings together as one.

If you choose to deliver quality over quantity and each counterpart does the same, then can it not be said that we, as a team can turn a business around and be pivotal in rising to great heights?

I urge you to do your part, do it well and “team” up in order to understand that a business thrives under unity and ultimately, YOU, reap the rewards of the outcome, of those deliverables.

It takes some years to learn about business and the cogs, which allow it to turn successfully but if each team member took an interest in how those cogs worked and how they can make a difference, there would be no divide and no concerns around stability or growth.

It’s About People thrives because each and every member has a valid and valuable contribution to add but above all, it has a leader who communicates and draws each member in, to help them understand their part in driving the business in the right direction. Isn’t that what the ultimate goal is? What are you going to do differently to ensure your team rises to the top, with you having a hand at the helm too?

Challenge accepted!


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