In recent discussions, It’s About People have been discussing how to move forward as a business. In order to do this, we took a “step back”, returned to the basics – we analyzed the business through fresh eyes and finally asked ourselves the following question:
What is our biggest challenge and how do we overcome it?
As I am sure any recruitment agency would understand, it came out that our technology use is a challenge and not where we would like it to be. It’s time to move with the times and be a part of the modern ages. A few months ago, in preparation of our new Financial Year, we sat with Senior Management to look at our current systems and processes – I was fortunate enough to be involved in these discussion and decision making sessions.
In a nutshell, Technology is where the future lies. It really does play such an increasingly important role whether it is the system you want to use to search for your candidates or your top talent; or to find the correct information of clients without having to search through thousands of mails. The list can go on as to why technology is the backbone of any successful agency.
A few further questions popped up through this process:
Where do we stand as a business with our current technology?
What are our steps in growing our business to be a functional, user friendly and time effective business?
Recruitment is definitely a time sensitive process and to be the best, agencies have to have a functional system in place that supports what they need, when they need it.
As world renown Recruitment Guru Greg Savage mentioned in his latest blog “whatever ever you do, the biggest mistake is staying where you are. You cannot stay where you are now. Therefore, the best decisions would be to interrupt, be innovative and change” and a comment that really stuck with me is you “you need to business a business that is ready for the future”
Greg’s latest blog / webinar was perfect timing for me. I was interested to see that he advocates “stepping back” to have a good look at your business and your processes from time to time. Business’s need to identify their weak points and make these areas better.
So after many, many discussions with the business, presentations to our CEO and Senior Management, the following is what we have decided to change and focus on to ensure we are moving into a fully functional digital age:
  • Website – This must be attractive, user friendly and helpful. Allowing this to be a tool to guide Candidates to new roles and to be the go to website for Clients.
  • CRM system for Candidates – An online system that has not only our top talent at our fingertips but also the supporting information of all of our candidates – for ease of reference and a quicker turnaround time.
  • CRM system for Clients – Clients details and supporting information to easily accessible.
  • BI tools – Allowing the business to track and monitor the monthly, quarterly and annual Billings versus Targets. Are we on track of our Revenue versus Profit etc.
  • It’s About People CV format– This was a big one for us as we wanted to make sure we stand out. Our CVs will be attractive and not just your average document.
  • It’s About People Online CV – To create a system that once all information is filled in, it populates into our new, one of a kind, eye catching CV template that ensures It’s About People is not just any other agency.
  • Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn all working in partnership to get our brand out there.

These points touch just a few of our new and improved Technology focus areas. It’s been a challenging journey to identify our weaknesses but we are there and we are ready to move to a business that is ready for the future.


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