our people love us, but don’t just take our word for it 


I have always found my dealings with It’s About People to be excellent. They have always provided our company with outstanding service. It’s About People is a reliable company who exclusively assist us with all our recruitment requirements. The candidates they put forward are of a top quality and the support during and after the recruitment process is seamless and highly professional. All our candidates comment on their superb service and the fact that they have made the process for them less stressful and demanding.

Since the start of our business relationship, It’s About People have managed to show extensive growth; not only in company size and their offerings but with the calibre of people they employed. The company has truly taken an interest and have managed to journey with us as our requirements change.

I have been using It’s About People as my recruitment company of choice for the past twelve months, for both IT and Business Intelligence vacancies. They have consistently delivered great results, supplying me a wide selection of qualified and experience candidates for positions in management as well as the very technical development roles. It’s About People provides a very professional service, they take the time to understand the company and the role that they are recruiting for to ensure that the candidates they provide are a good match for both.

It’s About People is tasked with all the recruitment of the consultants and support staff in the fields of Business Intelligence, CRM and SharePoint. They are responsible for the initial screening of candidates to assess their skills and culture fit. This process saves us a great deal of time as we are ensured that we only see candidates who have a strong chance of being successful. It’s About People have shown an exceptional ability to understand our requirements, matching candidates with a high success rate. As we are a growing organisation, we generally interview a minimum of one candidate per day and have staff intakes of up to ten people per month. It’s About People have been consistent in maintaining a recruitment pipeline matching the growth strategy of our business.

I would strongly recommend It’s About People as a recruitment agency to partner with. They are a committed and energetic group of people and form an integral part of Karabina’s success story.

It’s About People have provided professional recruitment services to the iSPartners Group of Companies for over seven years. They source and screen IT and generalist positions for the entire group. Their culture and skills matching is beyond reproach and they consistently maintain high standards. They have taken the time to understand our company and our culture and the successful hiring rate is testament to this professional approach. They differentiate themselves from other agencies by actually being a recruitment partner for the business.

I would not hesitate in recommending It’s About People as a trusted recruitment partner for any company.

We are very excited to have your candidate on-board with us and we greatly appreciate your time, energy and efforts throughout the recruitment process! You’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with!

Thanks to you and your team also! You are a great team of people and I enjoyed working with you all.

When It’s About People first successfully placed a great candidate within a rather challenging role within our organisation, I was pleased yet sceptical. Pleased because it was a challenging, diverse role within an even more diverse team and sceptical because previous recruitment specialists failed to do so on numerous occasions. My scepticism was removed when It’s About People once again placed two additional candidates on two separate occasions. The It’s About People team have the sought after tenacity to not merely place a candidate within a role but ultimately find a home for like-minded individuals. The end result is an environment in which the employer has a productive team member who is also on their journey towards a fulfilling career goal. I am further pleased by the fact that I have not had to incur any additional recruitment costs as all three candidates placed by It’s About People are still happily employed by the organisation.

I consistently use It’s About People for my recruitment requirements and as such would gladly recommend them for yours.

It’s About People offers SUBSTANTIALLY more value than other recruiting alternatives. Without It’s About People; the iSPartners Group of Companies would not have met its growth objectives.

It’s About People is a strategic partner of ours. In my experience they have the best grasp of our staffing needs across the company. This includes speciality needs that require a high degree of discernment to meet our specific requirements. It’s About People has spent significant time and effort to get to know us and this makes all the difference.

The It’s About People gang are tenacious, irritating, relentless and hard-ass! Everything you would expect from a Recruitment Agency.

It’s About People always submits a good calibre of candidate which has enabled us to build a really good trust relationship and to partner with them. We also like the way they take the time to build a personal relationship with a true caring nature.


I just wanted to let you know that my experience with It’s About People has been amazing. You are uniquely professional in the way you facilitate people’s career moves. It’s been an absolute pleasure dealing with you. Thank you again!

My experience with It’s About People was excellent. The consultants are very professional and they made the process of advancing my career extremely easy and pleasant. I was kept informed at all times. I will definitely make use of their services again in the future and would recommend them to friends and family.

It’s About People were very professional and friendly during the whole recruitment process. Everything was handles quickly and with precision, making the process as painless as possible.

The way It’s About People dealt with my application was very professional. They were always flexible and contactable whenever I needed any clarity. I was always provided with feedback before I could even ask for it. It’s About People made the whole process much more convenient for me. Everything that they told me about my new team is true. You were a Godsend and I am very thankful to you.

It’s About People are not just another Talent Acquisition Organisation. Their dedicated representatives do what they say, when they say. They know their game and the consistency with which their professionalism and experience shows is noteworthy. What particularly impresses me is their sense of continuity and communication, as one agent simply picks up where another has left off.

I would like to say another thank you to the It’s About People team for taking the time to meet me so early this morning and for listening to me. Some Recruiters don’t actually take the time to listen to the candidate’s life experience and background. I really appreciate it and can see why the business is called It’s About People.

I feel compelled to say thank you so much for placing me with one of the consultants at It’s About People. I haven’t met an agency or agent that has been as empathetic and just plain awesome as It’s About People. It is much appreciated!

My dealings with one of the It’s About People consultants has been nothing short of outstanding throughout our whole interaction. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with them. Thank you for the well wishes and it would be a privilege to work with It’s About People again in the future.

I knew you had my back from the first interview and I will do my best for you! You people at It’s About People are Gold! From the point of initial contact, It’s About People displayed a level of industriousness and concern that is rare today. I remember the very professional calls to bring me up to speed with the recruitment process, and sure enough they got me an ideal placement. They really are all about people!

Thank you very much for all your dedicated assistance. What a professional experience.

It’s About People have literally gone the extra mile with this one and I would just like to say thanks to them for their commitment during this whole process. They have also been extremely patient with me.

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your utmost professionalism. In my search for employment I sent my CV to many different companies and the response from all of them was the same – all bad / rude and unprofessional. Just the fact that It’s About People took the time to actually pick up a phone and call me to guide me through every step, even though it was a very short process, made me feel like I actually had something to offer.

Subsequent to our meetings I did receive an offer from a software development company which I accepted. I will however not forget your advice and plan to remedy my shortcomings on the educational front.

If I am ever in the position to hire staff again, as I have been in the past, please know that you will receive my business and that I will recommend you very highly as you really stood out from the crowd.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you and your team for working with me throughout my journey of finding a perfect opportunity. You were just fantastic throughout. I must say that the level of professionalism and dedication you have shown has been unquantifiable and immensely appreciated. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, and all the best in your future projects and personal endeavours.

Thank you for listening and for your words of support! It’s not common in the space you play to have Recruiters who are so dedicated, interested and supportive of the people they interview and place at companies. It’s About People are definitely a breath of fresh air in the game and believe you me, I have had my fair share of dealings with recruitment companies.

During my first contact with It’s About People, I met with my consultant and we had a discussion for about an hour. My consultant took the time to get to know me, my personality and my career aspirations as they wanted to assess if I was a good fit for the position the had in mind. Let’s just say it sounded too good to be true and was exactly what I was looking for in a company.

It’s About People sent me through for interviews and assisted me along the way. I landed the position and they got me the exact package I was looking for. I was very excited and as they say, the rest is history. My journey with It’s About People didn’t end then, they still phone to check up on how I am doing – they genuinely care and truly are all about people.

I will be forever grateful for their help and how they brought my career aspirations to life. They believed in me and my goals.

Coming from a financial background, It’s About People went out of their scope to find a position with an extremely good and exciting company! When I first met the consultant from It’s About People, she assured me she will find me a position, and she never faulted on that. I have always been kept up to date throughout the process. Their professional approach is remarkable compared to the normal agencies out there. I will definitely refer anyone to It’s About People.

It’s About People’s approach is personal, intelligent and most importantly based on EXCELLENT, personalised service. They actually listen to what the candidate is looking for in a position and go out like a Jack Russell searching for that tailored position. Will I ever refer anybody to It’s About People? Yes, everybody!

It’s About People really is a true and valid statement. From the moment they first contacted me, I could hear that they were professional, knowledgeable and caring. It’s About People knows and understands their customers and goes through every effort to match applicant with employer. I’m very happy with the new position they found for me. Even after my appointment, they made a number of phone calls to make sure that I was doing ok and have settled in. Thanks It’s About People, hopefully I won’t have to contact you again for another job.

Daar was ‘n personeelagent, Raath,
Wat nie ‘n woord Afrikaans kon praat.
Sy het ons laat toets en sweet,
Want sy het van ‘n job geweet.
Sy’s elke jobseeker se maat.

I would like to thank It’s About People for going out of your scope to secure me a permanent position at a very respectable company, with great benefits. I was kept up to date throughout the whole process and during all negotiations. Your professional approach and input was key to helping me make the right decision. I have recommended your services to colleagues in the industry and wish you all the best for future placements.

I have never had much success with recruitment agencies in the past, yet my experience with It’s About People changed all of that. They are extremely professional yet they make you feel very comfortable during the interview process. Their turn around times are gold star deserving! They exceeded my expectations!

I have to start out by saying that there are no sufficient words to express my gratitude, it is rare to find a company and indeed an individual that is truly empathetic towards another individual these days, BUT I have found that in It’s About People. The care that is taken to ensure that the right individual is placed in the most mutually advantageous position is extraordinary. It is greatly heartening to know that there are still companies and individuals in South Africa that carry out their duties in such a professional and caring manner. I would recommend Its About People to anyone I feel needs a helping hand.

I’ve dealt with many agencies before stumbling across It’s About People by chance – I received a wrong number call from one of their consultants. That being said, she was extremely helpful and took on my challenge to find me employment. I can’t put into words how they managed to find a company that’s the right fit for me and where I see a clear future. I really enjoy working in my new role. I’m super impressed with these folks and how they conduct business and treat their candidates. I’ve been employed since February and it’s been amazing. They also make sure that you are happy with your placement. Thank you, God bless you and keep up the excellent service and work ethic. The name of this recruitment company truly reflects what they’re about. Once again I can’t thank you enough.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank It’s About People, a fabulous recruitment agency. They were so professional during my interview with them. They made me feel like I was having a conversation with someone that I had known for ages. Today am working as Sales Admin Clerk and all thanks to It’s About People. Indeed it’s about you and me, it’s about people, it’s about us!

I had dealt with many agencies before working with It’s About People. I came across “It’s About People” completely by chance because I received a wrong number call from one of their consultants. That said, she was extremely helpful and took on the challenge of finding me employment. I met with another Consultant who was also very thorough and asked all the right questions – she kept in touch frequently, without me having to remind her of my situation. Writing this is a little difficult because I can’t adequately put into words how they managed to find a company that’s the right fit for and where I see a clear future!  I really enjoy working and getting ready to go to in the mornings now. I’m super impressed with these folks and how they conduct business and treat their candidates. I’ve been employed since the February 2017 and it’s been amazing. The team at It’s About People also make sure that you are happy with your new job and do not just ‘dump you’.. Thank you, God bless you and keep up the excellent service and work ethic. The name of this recruitment company truly reflects what they’re all about. Once again I can’t thank you enough!

Working with It’s About People was my first experience of working with an Agency – I found it to be an easy process. They were very quick to find me a job and they were very supportive and informative. I’m very excited and look forward to starting my new job – all thumbs up to the It’s About People Team – keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for  meeting with me. For the first time I went to an interview and gotten a clear advise and guidelines on my career path as to how to move forward and what to think about. Thank you so much, really appreciate  it.

It’s About People go out of their way to ensure that the recruitment process is as smooth as silk for both the applicant and the potential hiring company. It was a pleasure to go through the process with them as my guides.  I would recommend It’s About People for anyone who is going through the motions of finding a new position and career path.

I was approached by It’s About People shortly after I posted my Curriculum Vitae on the Internet.

They were extremely professional in helping me to apply for a position at a company.  One thing I liked about them was their ongoing communication throughout the process. They were consistently fast in their speed of responding.  They always gave me a high level of attention and were very insightful.  I found them to be very pleasant to deal with.

Based on my observation of It’s About People and their level of professionalism’ I would recommend any other applicant to make use of their superb assistance and service.