That’s right, cold calling and new business are probably the least popular part of the recruitment process! Most consultants don’t consider themselves to be sales professionals but the reality is that we are sales people. The only difference between us and say, a car salesman for example, is that we sell people. That makes our jobs much more rewarding but also far more challenging.

Over the past few weeks, our business has been on a huge new business drive. To be honest, when we first started, I was whiney and against the efforts of doing so but as time has passed, the sheer excitement of being able to convert something into business, has been a welcome challenge and a wonderful personal victory.

You have to have a holistic view when representing your brand. You cannot have the feeling that you are being tortured by being made to bring in new business! You must understand that that new business, brought in by yourself, contributes to the longevity and the life of the brand you support.

If you are prepared and do your research, punting for new business can actually be a breeze. Make sure you prepare for the many calls you will be making and in order to prepare, here a few key ‘basics’ to keep in mind.

  1. Know the market you are targeting and choose your ‘best method of approach’ before starting.
  2. Try to market your top candidates by knowing what they are looking for and by fully understanding where their experience lies.
  3. Research companies and vacancies that you know will be a fit for the chosen candidate.
  4. Ensure you understand the industry you are targeting and obtain all of their important details beforehand.
  5. Write a list of potential questions that you may be asked before you start your calls so you will be prepared with an answer.
  6. Keep a detailed CV of the candidate at hand in case there is something asked which is not in your summary.
  7. Decide how you are going to sell your business and the candidate in the opening line of your telephonic conversation in order to catch the attention of the targeted HR person or Line Manager.
  8. Smile over the phone, a smiling voice and enthusiasm will grab attention and the person on the other end of the line will be more receptive.
  9. Ask questions, ensure that you have exhausted every avenue of the person’s decline towards your offer to service their business’ needs.
  10. Know how to rebut their statements without being disrespectful and maintaining a high level of professionalism.

I have had three new client visits this past week following the above guidelines on cold calling. I have to say that just the same as reaping the reward of placing the right candidate into a business, knowing that you caught the attention of a potential new client, whom you can build an ongoing relationship with, is just as great! I now understand why sales people love the hunt and the close of brand new deals that they have managed from start to finish!

Happy marketing and go out there and make your brand known, It’s About People are!


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