So, you have decided to put yourself back on the job market or you are looking for a new job for the first time. What is the first thing you must do? That’s right, you need to update your CV! Therefore, it’s a no brainier that it should be a perfect representation of your experience, right?

In my years as a talent acquisition specialist, I have found that the last statement might be true but still most job seekers don’t know how to write or draft a CV. The same CV that they are pinning their hopes on getting that face to face with a potential employer. The rule is that your CV must answer questions about you and your suitability for the role before they are even asked.

Therefore it is important that you understand who will be viewing your CV. Most decision makers and HR only have about 15 seconds to make a decision to meet you, or not, based on your CV. Now looking at this, when preparing your CV, one needs to keep this in mind. So let’s take a few seconds and focus on increasing your chances of getting that interview.

Well let’s look at a few things that decision makers always look for

  • Education: It is important that this should always be at the top of your CV, first page in fact. List your current studies too.
  • Skill Set: Make sure that this is also seen at first glance of your CV, as it helps decision makers see that you are what they are looking for. List all technologies and tools you are using.
  • Achievements: It is important list all success that make you stand out from the rest, this at least puts you a step ahead of the other applicants.
  • Experience: Make sure that you list everything that you do on a day to day, if you don’t know what it is, look at your contract.
  • Reason for Leaving: In most cases it takes more than one reason for one to decide that they are leaving a company, be honest in your reason for leaving.

The above are the key things that make or break your application. Further to that,  make sure that your CV is still in the 15 seconds range, not too long and not too short.

Also make sure that your CV only has one font and you can bold what you think must be noticed easy.

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