Being a Recruiter has been an amazing experience. It’s made a profound difference in my own life. Being able to help others by positively influencing their lives, through changing their careers, is an indescribable experience.

Before I got in to the world of recruitment; I had my own negative experiences of what it was like being on the other side of the fence. I had hopes and dreams; short, medium and long term goals. Then one day, someone took a chance on me. They offered me their time and believed in me. They took the leap of faith and gave me the tools to succeed in my chosen career; which ultimately changed my life. I became that one person who in turn gets to help others.

Recruitment can have a positive impact of changing people’s lives, and what an extraordinary feeling that is! You become part of a very special world. This world does not only involve helping candidates take the next step in their career, but as recruiters we actually have the ability, on a daily basis, to make a difference. Most of the people we work with are looking for jobs that will give them more fulfilment and/or satisfaction, but they don’t know what specific career path would make them happier.  They do not know where to go and how to do it, which is where I come in and assist.

Money used to drive me, but now I get to help people make life-changing decisions every day. I have the ability to guide and help people. I come home from work with a smile on my face every day. Being part of the recruitment industry makes it easy to wake up in the morning, knowing that today we have another chance to change the life of one of our candidates, and their families.

We all have one life to live. The key differentiator for me is to live life being happy and satisfied, whilst having a successful career too. Here are some questions to ask yourself about your current position:

• Does your employer share your ethics and moral code?
• Does your employer value you as a unique asset?
• Are you being paid what you are worth?
• Are you being offered further education or training?
• Do you feel part of a winning team?
Being a recruiter allows me to ask candidates these types of questions and I then I get to help them find a company where all of these questions can be answered positively! To make that difference in someone else’s life, and career, is gold.
Here are some of the thanks and gratitude’s that keep me going. It just shows you can make a difference:
• “Many thanks for accommodating me this morning”
• “I have never been for an agency interview quite like the one I’ve had this morning. I have to say, you have an amazing approach and it really feels like “It’s About People”
• “Thank you also for your time and effort; you were amazing”
• “I am happy to accept the offer. Thank you once again for helping me get this opportunity. I am very grateful”
• “Thank you for the documents and the time spent in putting all of this together. I also appreciate the tips and advice and will be sure to remember all of them. I look forward to giving you some positive feedback after the meeting.”
• “Thank you so much for the interest and time shown to me ,It was really nice meeting you and your team “
• ‘I must say I am so impressed with the thorough way your company prepares its candidates “
• “It was so lovely meeting you today. It is really an exciting position and I really hope I will be afforded an interview. I am pleased that you are representing me”

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