Most applicants don’t want to meet with recruitment agencies that are representing them at clients and helping them to get new employment opportunities. Most of them see these interviews as a waste of time as this would require time off from work. However, let’s look at why it is important to attend recruitment agency interviews.

Most Designers select which shops or even retails outlets should represent their product, they do this to best position their brand “product” in the market. This also applies to the recruitment industry. As a job seeker, what you want is an agency that will best represent you and your interests and you become a ‘product’ to them.

However, you can’t best represent a product that you are not familiar with, which is why meeting with a recruitment agency is very important. This will give you the opportunity to best position yourself in the job market, the opportunity to choose what goes onto your CV and exactly where your CV gets sent to.

Most common complaints from candidates about a recruitment agency are that:

  • I didn’t receive feedback after the interview
  • The process dragged on for too long
  • Had I known more about the role, I would have not attended the interview in the first place

All of this could have been avoided if the applicant had taken some time to meet with the recruitment agent as they could have explained the role to them in more detail. The Recruiters would ask you questions about your expertise and questions about the type of organization where you feel your talents and expertise would be best utilized. Questions about your expertise often include behavioral interview questions and situational interview questions which in turn gives the Recruiter an idea where your CV should be sent to.

It is important that you look at yourself as a product. As such, you want the best possible outcome which is to find alternative employment and this can only be done by making sure you package yourself “CV” in a way that will best sell you to the market you are approaching.


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