An enticing job spec for the position that you are recruiting for is of utmost importance! A job spec needs to reach out and grab the attention of job seekers, and ultimately convince them that this is their Dream Job! Never underestimate the power of a well written job spec.   Job Title:  What will this person do? The first step in writing an effective job spec is coming up with an appropriate a job title. It should be descriptive and reflect the role accurately. It should also indicate the level that the position will be.  E.g.

  • Business Analyst / Senior Business Analyst
    • Department: Where is the position placed in the company? This allows for the job seeker to gain further insight into where the potential employee will be situated in a larger company. It can also allow a glimpse into the ‘growth potential’ or career path of the role. E.g.:
      • Financial Department – Mid Management
    • Job Summary:  Summarizing the main points of the position A job summary gives the position’s overview and key functions. The job summary should describe the job without going into too much detail. E.g.:
      • Business Analyst – Solves organizational information problems and requirements by analyzing requirements; designing computer programs; recommending system controls and protocols
    • Key Responsibilities: The Key responsibilities of a job are the essential functions that the job holder performs. A job description usually contains a number of pointers and key accountabilities. E.g.:
      • Determines operational objectives by studying business functions; gathering information; evaluating output requirements and formats
      • Designs new computer programs by analyzing requirements; constructing workflow charts and diagrams; studying system capabilities; writing specifications
      • Improves systems by studying current practices; designing modifications
      • Recommends controls by identifying problems; writing improved procedures
    • Minimum Job Requirements: This describes the knowledge, skills and abilities that are required Being in recruitment this is a useful guide for the Recruiters to determine which areas the candidates will need to be qualified in. What are the non-negotiables? This outlines the knowledge and skills that are required to successfully source the most suitable candidate E.g.:
      • C#, COBOL, Software Design, Software Documentation, Software Development Process, Software Requirements, Analyzing Information
    • Remuneration Package: Not all companies like to indicate a remuneration package as they like to base the salary on the candidate’s experience and current salary package. However, this allows Recruiters to work on a salary band which assists in determining the best candidate and for an employer as they will know the remuneration that the company can offer. E.g.:
      • Basic R 40 000 per/month
      • Company contribution towards Medical aid and Provident Fund13th cheque based on individual performance, paid annually
    • Personal Attributes: The type of person who will fit in the company’s culture: Every company will have a specific culture. It is important for all applicants to ask questions and try and gain a greater understanding of the company’s culture before the interviews start. E.g.:
      • Analytical
      • Innovative
      • Proactive
      • Highly organize
      • Self-motived Companies have to create a job spec that can represent themselves and the new position in such a way that you want the candidates fighting over themselves to get that Dream Job.
  • A job spec should be concise, clear and accurate. Job specs are typically 1 to 2 pages long and should include the following elements:
  • From a candidate’s side it is imperative to have a good, informative CV as this is what “sells” them so that they get that telephonic discussion or first round interview. From an employer’s side the job spec is the first communication to “speak” to a potential employee – so the more exciting information the better.

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